What is S.W.O.T? 





It is an useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you face.

What are my Strengths and Weaknesses?


  1. Optimistic
  2. Adventurous
  3. Humorous
  4. Honest
  5. Sociable

Not trying to boast about myself but yes, these are the strengths I got in me. I am a person who loves to bring cheerfulness to everyone who surrounds me. It brighten my day after seeing their faces hanging with a smile on it. They called me the ‘dangerous’ girl as I love adventure like mountain cycling, bungee jumping, sky diving, zorbing and intense roller coaster. How can you live your everyday life with boring activities? I love being humour because it’s part of my life. Being honest is essential in order to gain trust from others, creating lies only cause more haters and your status in that person’s eyes drop to zero. People always say that I am a very sociable person which means I can just easily starts a conversation with anyone I just met anywhere I go.


  1. Astraphobia
  2. Short-sighted
  3. Reckless
  4. Naive
  5. Monophobia

Lightning and thunder makes me feel so insecure and it gives an explosion like a sonic boom, it makes me feels as if you are going to get strike by it anytime. Short-sighted is my greatest enemy compared with the other weaknesses. Therefore, my friends have become my human alarm clock or a human reminder to remind me what to do, remember to bring this and that. Am I useless? I mean my brain😩 I seldom being reckless but still I think it is part of my weakness as I hate being reckless, this define you as flaws which irritates me sometimes. I easily believe in one’s words like literally believe in them then ended up cheated by the others. Thanks😑 The reason that I’m being sociable is because I am fear of being alone. Can you imagine that you were abandoned by the society, leaving you alone in the forest surrounded by darkness?

What are my Opportunities and Threats?


  1. Global and local events
  2. Various academic
  3. Large field of different jobs and careers
  4. Foster relationship between college mates and lecturers
  5. Gain more external knowledges

Everyone deserves an opportunity but don’t misuse it as not everyone has the luck to get a second chance. As a college student, this freshman year is a really important year for me to appreciate the opportunity that will brings me to the next pathway for my future.


  1. Competitive
  2. People are too creative and intelligent
  3. Higher requirements to enter University
  4. Require more highly-credentialed faculty
  5. Expensive

To be honest, I hate competition. Compete with others is not really my thing but then human nowadays are improving themselves by gaining more knowledge everyday. Universities has set their requirements as high as possible to obtain more intelligent yet workable people. Besides, most of the university fees are increasing day by day as the economy is increasing as well.


After knowing my strengths and weaknesses, I will protect and built upon my strengths whereas I need to redouble my efforts to improve my weaknesses. Besides, I will focus more attention on opening the door of higher education without missing out the golden opportunity which gives me a pathway to my bright future. Working with college mates and lecturers helps to develop well-based measures of learning outcomes, thus, I should be expand my cooperative relationship with them. Overall, your attitudes determines your direction so we need to overshadow our flaws by being selfless, not to give up easily and of course, hardworking.



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