Reflective Assignment #1

Reflecting on TGC

Recently I have joined a community service which held in Batu Muda, it was a residence area with low cost flats. My college mates and I formed a group and were given instructions and tasks to convince the residents to have medical check up including BMI, blood glucose level, blood pressure level as there was a diseases spreading within the areas and has caused death. Therefore, we were asked to knock on each door in every floor. In this case, we have developed interpersonal skills in TGS which understand the team dynamics and mobilise the power of teams as I am the leader of the team.

At the beginning, we were all self ready and very confident that we would convinced most of families and individuals to examine their health but then we realised it was not as easy as it seemed. Some of the residents were quite stubborn as they unwilling to leave the house to do check up. Anyhow, this didn’t stopped us from convincing them. We continued to convince them but in a different way of interpreting the purpose of having this programme. Surprisingly, most of the residents started to register and wiling take a step out of their house to check their health. In doing so we realised that changing the style of interpreting by thinking critically and creatively could helped us to define an analyse problems to arrive at effective solutions. Besides, I also developed an interpersonal skills to manage oneself and be self-reliant by reflecting on one’s actions and learning, thus, we changed the way of our interpreting skills.

After hours have passed by, we had finally came to an end. Our programme achieved a successful outcome and it was said to be the most outstanding one compared with last year’s result. This has proved that good results came from a well communication between the members. TGC helped me to develop communication skills which allowed me to communicate appropriately without offending others.

I found that using these TGC skills would help me a lot in my life as it helped me to built up my self confidence and my personality. However, in the future programme, I hope we could use the digital literacy to make use of the ICT and technologies by spreading the community service so that we could gain more helpers and extra hands.

Community Service Members


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