Who’s going to the New Planet?

Group discussion among your friends. The world has polluted, NASA has a rocket which enable to send humans to a new planet in order to repopulate so they will not extinct. Unfortunately, only 10 people is allow to send to the new planet. So who are they going to be? Let’s find out.

Activity Sheet

Activity Sheet

My Group Final Decision.

My Group Final Decision.

Why do these people got chosen by us? 

  1. College student, female 22 years old, study environment
  2. Botanist, female 29 years old, study plants and trees
  3. Farmer, male 10 years old
  4. Fisherman, male 52 years old
  5. Cook, female 30 years old, owns her own restaurant
  6. Straight As’ student, wants to be police officer, male 12 years old
  7. Teacher, pregnant (twins), female 24 years old
  8. Doctor, can’t give birth, female 50 years old
  9. Computer technician, female 59 years old
  10. Aircraft repairwoman, female 49 years old

A college student who’s studying environment and a botanist could work together to enlarge the field of agriculture in order to provide more source of food. A young farmer and a fisherman would associate with them in order to help them to produce more food, thus the cook would do the cooking there. When food is provided continuously, the teacher and student will have enough energy to continue their duties and further studies. A doctor is essential to everyone’s health and care. Besides, a computer technician and aircraft would assist each other in order to develop and progress more technology in future needs. Most of the people selected were able to continue the next generation to prevent extinction happens.

Some of you might have choices other than those. So what are your choices?


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